ABC’s of What I’m Loving Right Now

29 Apr

A. All of the beautiful textiles on the Anthropologie website. The colours, fabrics and designs make me want to buy a sewing machine and get busy creating!!

B. Cuddling with my babies! They won’t always be this small or cuddly, so I’m soaking in as much baby goodness as I can while its lasts. They grow so fast!!

C. Cherry Blossoms! Spring is here and they are everywhere. Le sigh….

D. Dexter. I’m in the middle of Season 2. So addicting.

E. Discounted Easter chocolate! Hello Mini Eggs, goodbye self control….

F. Fresh flowers. They make me smile so I’ve decided that my dining room table should always feature some. Currently on display are some gorgeous red tulips! My mantle also has some fabulously scent daffodils. I LOVE SPRING!

G. Giraffes

H. My yellow crochet hook. A relaxing escape from a williful two year old and a colicky newborn. Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, breathe out.

I. Internet friendships. With many of my good friends living outside of the Lower Mainland, I look forward to checking in and catching up through chats and status updates.

J. My Vancouver Canucks Jesery!! Yeah playoff hockey 😀

K. Finding awesome local Etsy shops like Knotsewcute. Love all their patterns.

L. Lemon Vanilla Body Creme from Bath and Body Works. My Mom bought me some for Christmas and now I’m obsessed. It smells like lemon cupcakes! I almost cried after looking for months for more and coming up empty handed to find that it has recently been restocked in stores! (still not listed on the website again) Yippee!

M. My Momma! From helping me find a new family doctor, to clothing my girls with beautiful outfits or just listening to me complain when I think I’m having a gallbladder attack (not a fun afternoon) she is always a phone call away! I’m so grateful for her 🙂

N. Planning and saving for a trip to New York next summer with my siblings. Just the four of us! Daydream gives purpose to the everyday, right?

O. Opportunities to doing something new and different. I’m constantly looking for them on a daily basis.

P. Pintrest….check it out!

Q. The quinoa pilaf I make for dinner at least once a week. Quinoa, veggies and toasted sesame oil. Yummm!

R. Reading. I checked out how I measure up on the BBC Book List Challenge and was shocked that I had only completed 28 of the 100 novels. So I’m on a mission to get a few more checked off!!

S. Getting back into shape. Gym, ballet, training for a 5k. Let’s hope I stay motivated….

T. Breakfast at Tracycakes. For anyone who knows me well, this is nothing new. But who wouldn’t love coffee and cupcakes right on the ocean in a quaint rustic Parisian style cafe?

U. U2 in Seattle. 37 days ’til Bono…WOOOO!

V. Vanilla yogurt; plain and simple.

W. Wearing white! Something about the new freshness of Spring makes me want to dress in white all the time. I even bought myself some white nail polish 😉

X. Ok, X is hard. So I’m pretty excited about the new X-Men: First Class movie due out this summer. Wooo, yay me….that was tough.

Y. Shopping for new colours of yarn. Is it bad that I want everything to be rainbow coloured?

Z. Getting updates from my Dad’s team in Zimbabwe via Twitter and facebook. Isn’t technology amazing?

Feel free to let me know what you’re loving right now! Alphabetical or not 😉


One Response to “ABC’s of What I’m Loving Right Now”

  1. Lesley April 29, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

    Holy crap I’m so impressed that you did this! I kinda want to do one, but I don’t know if I’d be able to come up with anything! Miss Tracey Cakes.

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