Spring has Finally Sprung!

9 May

As I gaze at the bright fushia tulips sitting on my dining room table, I’m filled with thoughts of hope.

The buds on the trees outside my window begin to grow larger and greener, eventually bursting forth with petals coloured in hues of yellow, pink and white. The scent is heavenly as I take a moment to breathe deeply.

The gentleman who mows the lawn and pulls the weeds in front of our building has returned for another season. The roar of his lawnmower fills the afternoon with sound, adding to the busyness of kids on bikes and birds in their nests.

Thanks to months of overflowing rainclouds, the grass is green and lush. When the clouds finally part, the sky is a vivid blue and full of promise.

That’s what I love most about Spring:the promise of new things and new life.

As someone who absolutely suffers through the grey darkness of Westcoast winters, I revel with joy when I can finally venture outside in just a t-shirt and my socks are long since forgotten, having been traded in for flip-flops and sandals. I find that in the warmth and sweetness of Spring, I begin to truly dream again….

Like tiny chicks tapping and peeping through the cracked shell of their former egg enclosure, my thoughts begin to lighten and aim to seek out daylight, bursting with the suns life giving rays. Hope has returned anew! With the fulfillment of all that Spring has to offer, I feel refreshed and renewed, ready to tackle all that life holds.


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