Mondays…I Love ‘Em!!

16 May

What’s not to love about a Monday? Yes its another 5 work days until the weekend but…… its also an opportunity to hit the restart button!

I love waking up on a Monday morning and knowing that another jam packed week lies in front of me. I think of it as a fresh start to everything!

Cleaning the house.

Doing some laundry.

Getting back at that fitness schedule.

Eating healthier (possibly regretting that Sunday afternoon indulgence?)

Bugdeting smarter.

Tackling that stack of homework.

Dreaming up new activities with the family.

Cross things off my to-do list!!

Even though I wake up without my husband by my side, knowing that he’s off to work and unable to help me tackle these goals, I enjoy counting the hours until he returns home so we can enjoy our Monday together. Dinner, a walk, some Top Chef and a few baskets of laundry? Sounds like paradise to me!

What do you love/hate about Mondays? You know you only feel one way or the other…..


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