Cupcake Vineyards ~ Cabernet Sauvignon

17 Jun

As you may know by now, it was recently my hubby and I’s fourth wedding anniversary. This should have been a beautiful June evening filled with stolen moments of love, admiration and tenderness as we recalled the day we decided to join our lives together. But, of course, this was not meant to be.

Hubby had politely asked me if he could go play cars with the boys for the afternoon. So, being the generous and kind-hearted soul that I am, I consented. However, there was no way that I was not going to enjoy myself that evening and a delicious anniversary dinner was still made.

It just so happened that one of my bestest of friends was coming into town to celebrate a Canucks win with 100,000 of our other closest friends. He was my Man of Honour at our wedding (that’s right, you read that correctly. I’m all modern and stuff) and so it seemed perfectly fitting that we spend some time catching up over the lovely meal that I had in mind. So cheeses, crackers and olives were bought to compliment the delicate spring veggies and quiches that were prepared. The only thing missing was the perfect bottle of wine to share as we discussed the deeper things of life (and the assorted merits of the newly chosen Top 20 Dancers on So You Think You Can Dance).

As I wandered through the isles at the local beer and wine store, I made a remarkable discovery…..A Cupcake Vineyards Cab Sauv!! How perfect đŸ™‚ I had seen their brand advertised in local cupcake bakeries and was so excited to one day try their wines. Today was to be that day!

While I would never profess to be a seasoned wine critic, this medium to full-bodied wine did have some luscious black currant and dark cherry notes. A wonderful complement to our meal.

Because of its reasonable price point (I paid $13.99 for it) I would highly recommend this wine to anyone with a love for a nice, smooth red or an appreciation of all things Cupcake!

With a contiued desire to find and savour a much cupcake goodness as I can, I will heed the motto of Cupcake Vineyards and choose to “Live Deliciously”.


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