Melissa & Doug ~ Bake and Decorate Cupcake Set

11 Jul

At least once a week, I pack up Princess and my Mini Cupcake (although she may not be so Mini for that much longer…. single teardrop, they grow so fast) and we walk across the street to Chapters. I’m reallyonly heading there on any given day because I genuinely cannot make it through the day on a single cup of coffee. So a stop in at Starbucks first is a must.

But Princess knows why we’re really there….TOYS!! All the Chapters in our area under went major renovations during the last year and came back with huge, brightly lit and jam-packed with kiddy goodness, Indigo Kids Centres. These people are marketing geniuses. Let’s have the kids come and sample all the expensive trains, doll houses, crafts and books so that there is a pretty good chance that most parents will not make it out of here alive without purchasing something to keep their ankle biter from screaming all the way home.

Thankfully, Princess knows that we will come back again and she can always play with the toys then. On the rare occasion we do have to bribe her with a treat at home, but at least that is cheaper than the alternative.

On our many visits to the play center, there is one item that I’ve had my eye for some time now. For Princess, of course, not myself….. honestly, I swear.

It is the Melissa & Doug Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set.

First let me start by saying how much I adore their products. Quality toys at a reasonable price? I love it!! Most of them are wooden and will likely last much longer than their plastic counterparts.

The cupcake set comes with everything to create delicious, almost life-like birthday cupcakes. There are reuseable wrappers, washable “icing” markers and velcro candles for each cupcake. This way kids can spend hours creating their own cupcake wonders. Then when they’re done, simply wash them off and start over again! With their own oven mitt, they can feel like superstar bakers, making special treats for all of their friends.

I’m still looking for the perfect excuse to bring this item home for Princess to play with (I promise, for her, not for me….) but it may come down to, “Oh, what a good job you did eating your breakfast! Let’s go get a treat at Starbucks….”

It’s ok to spoil them every once in a while, right? 😉


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