The Beginning of Our Story

30 Jun
Photo by Alanna Nicole Photography

We are a family of four with a deep passion for the children of Zimbabwe.

Our extended family has been heavily involved with humanitarian projects in Zimbabwe since 2007. Their organization, Sonrise Orphan Care, works with the local communities through building projects, medical clinics, sustainability projects and children’s ministry to bring aid to those working and living with the orphaned children of Zimbabwe. (That’s my Dad, Al, in the video!!)

Our love and our dream for this beautiful country, full of precious children with radiant smiles, has evolved into something different. As a family we have set out to fulfill a life-long goal of becoming an adoptive family. With the blessing and the grace of God, we hope to add to our family by adopting from Zimbabwe.

But our dream is so much bigger than us or the new life that we will one day call our own.

As a mother of two amazing little girls, I cry tears of joy, hope and sadness as I type these words. We hope that by taking this journey, as personal and private as it may become, that we can help support other families in their efforts to adopt from Zimbabwe and Africa. There are so many children who have no other options in such communities. Of course, if there are families and people in their own country who can care for and support them, they should remain there. Unfortunately, the need is so great that we feel we have been called to make a difference in this nation through adoption.

Please read along and join with us as we walk the long and winding road to bring our child from Harare to Vancouver.


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