Why Adoption?

7 Jul

We love being parents. Since the day our first daughter came into this world we have been forever changed as people; forever changed for the better. Is everyday perfect? Do we lay our heads down at night feeling like we’ve done our best and made the right decisions as parents that day? Not even close….. But there are precious moments of perfect joy in everyday. And for those moments alone, the tears, the temper tantrums and the felt pen on the walls are totally worth it. (Well, maybe not the felt pen on the walls. We all know how that bothers my OCD so….)

Whenever people ask us how many children we would like, I immediately answer, “FIVE!!” to which J-Sauce immediately replies, “What?!?!?” as if this is news to him. And while many people have been quick to remind us that we make beautiful babies (its true, they’re gorgeous) something has been lingering in our hearts for quite some time regarding the idea of adopting.

When we first started dating and then moved along to marriage, we would talk about what we wanted our family to look like. We knew that we wanted children and that we wanted them sooner rather than later (but seriously kids, finish your degrees first, then get knocked up…. I’m just saying). We also knew that we wanted adoption to be apart of how we shaped our family. It was a huge dream that seemed so far away and impossible, but I’m pretty big into dreaming and J-Sauce tries his best to keep me as grounded as possible. Even so, when we would talk about the idea of a family we had no idea whether or not we would be able to have our own children, as no one can predict infertility. But we knew that we did want to be parents.

We have been blessed with two beautiful girls, but we now know that our family is far from being complete. There are so many children in this world who have not been afforded the opportunity to know a loving and supportive family like we have and that to us is simply unacceptable. If we are able to make a difference, even in only one life, how could we not consider taking action.

James 1:27

The idea of adoption is nothing foreign to us. My grandparents had been foster parents who eventually adopted. We know several families, who for reason unique to them and their circumstances have adopted. Some of our closest friends are adopted and have spoken to us about their families and their journeys. To us, adoption seemed to be such a natural and logical decision to contemplate.

This decision is not something that we came to overnight or have walked into naively. We have spent many nights discussing the pros and cons, the implications and the consequences and the eventual reality of what adoption will mean for our family. Many, many, many prayers have been said and answered along our path to officially decide and move forward with adopting. Likewise, many hours have been spent in research to help inform and direct our ultimate goal of adopting from Zimbabwe. (I promise to explain more about our specific decision to focus on Zimbabwe in a later post. Stay tuned!)

Thus far in our adoption story we have been incredibly blessed by the support and encouragement of our family and friends. We have had the opportunity to learn from parents who have already added to their family through adoption and look forward to building relationships with many more. We have also learned that the idea of adoption can be fairly polarizing for some people. But whether positive or negative, we have learned from other peoples opinions. And because of this we would love your feedback! Leave us your thoughts or send us a quick message.

J-Sauce and I truly appreciate you taking the time to learn about us and our journey towards adoption and we look forward to sharing with you the remaining steps that lie ahead of us.


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