25 Jul

Well, I sat down to attempt writing about how our decision to adopt had lead us to Zimbabwe, but apparently I’m just a little to emotional to tackle that post just yet. Although, I promise, its in me and its coming soon.

It might be important to note that to our knowledge, we are the first within BC and possibly even Canada to attempt an adoption from Zimbabwe. We would greedily accept your prayers and well wishes as we attempt to forge a new relationship between these two nations and that this relationship will be harmonious and beneficial to both parties involved.

For those of you who don’t get to chat with us on a daily basis you may not know where we are in this process. Joel and I are approaching the end of our homestudy. In the province of BC, there are two main components that must be completed before you are eligible to adopt: a homestudy conducted by a social worker, and an education component that is provided by whichever agency you decide to work with. We have chosen to go through Sunrise Adoption and Family Services Society. This was an easy decision to make as we know others who have worked with them, they are local and they agreed to our crazy request to pursue an adoption in Zimbabwe. We have been blessed with an awesome social worker who has made our homestudy an enjoyable experience.

When we were first informed that our journey to adopt would require a lot of paperwork, I began to imagine stacks and stacks of papers crowding and falling off my kitchen table. The reality has been a little different. Are there a lot of documents involved? Yes. Do computers and the Internet make this a little more manageable? Absolutely!

I feel as though my life is now an endless series of checklists that must continually be checked off. Worksheet checklists, required document checklists, education checklists, life checklists. I swear that I make and check off lists in my sleep. But will it all be worth it? Definitely!


Our homestudy began in March and we are nearing the end of the process now. I have a feeling that ours has taken a little bit longer than most. This is probably my fault as we are required to finish our education component before our homestudy can be completed. And with everything else on my plate those articles got pushed to the side every now and then. But completed it is and we’re ready to move forward to the next stage of our adoption journey!

We have made initial contact with those who are willing to help us along in Zimbabwe. We literally have no idea as to how long it will take until we are matched with a child. This could be relatively simple or it could be immensely difficult, dragging on for years. Nonetheless, we are committed to this journey and hope and pray that we will see it through to completion. I am also looking forward to enjoying the rest of our summer with the girls šŸ™‚

Thanks for checking in again!


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