Home Study Complete!

6 Oct

We made it!!

All the paperwork, meetings, reading, interviews and personal reflections are over. We finished all of our formal requirements for our home study at the end of July. We were told that the process is different for all who attempt it. We are pleased to say that we actually really enjoyed the journey.

Is it a lot of paperwork? Yes.

As much as I was anticipating? Not really.

Is there a lot of reading? Yes. Especially if you’re adopting internationally.

Are the questions about your personal life invasive? Not particularly. We were open and honest about everything and nothing seemed overly intrusive.

The process allowed us to fully consider our current parenting styles and how they may change or evolve with regards to an adopted child as opposed to our biological children.

There were several heartfelt conversation about our own childhoods and our relationships with our parents. We discussed how these memories and interactions have affected our approach to parenting; the things we cherish and the areas where we wish to be different from our parents. It was enlightening to consider how our own experiences have lead us as parents to the place we find ourselves now.

Overall, a positive process but we are glad that this step is behind us.

To finalize the entire home study experience, we received a letter yesterday that announced…. WE ARE APPROVED TO ADOPT!!! Yeah for being winners at life….. at least at this point in our parenting journey. (I’m always quick to remember that the teenage years are not far off. Lord help us.)

So Step One: Home Study Complete.

Next step, we wait to see how the Zimbabwean government will respond to our request to begin a partnership with Canada. Eeeek! Exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

We're in big trouble with this one. Three going on Sixteen....

We’re in big trouble with this one. Three going on Sixteen….


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