Important Meetings

8 Nov

It feels a little surreal that we have made it to this point in our adoption journey. As I type these words, very exciting, important and possibly life changing things are about to take place.

A team of people, that no one other than the Lord could have brought together, are preparing to meet with officials in Harare regarding the possibility of establishing an international adoption program with Canada. That is HUGE!! This is what we’ve been praying for and working towards.

This team consists of:

A representative from our adoption agency, who has had many such meetings in other African nations.

A social worker who is currently based in Harare working with orphaned children.

A local pastor and child welfare advocate, who himself has upwards of 30 adopted children.

And my Dad, who has been working with humanitarian teams in Zimbabwe since 2007 to support the local leaders who run the orphan care programs.

At this point we do not know what the outcome of these meetings will be. All we can do is continue to pray that this is God’s will for not only our lives and the future of our family, but also for the people and the children of Zimbabwe. Our ultimate goal is to see a flourishing community of well cared for children in and around Harare. And if international adoption is able to relieve some of the strain that they currently experience, then that is what we will continue to pursue. We strongly desire to see a healthy connection established and maintained between Canada and Zimbabwe. We as a family want to become ambassadors for the children of Zimbabwe.

We promise to keep you updated with the results of these meetings. But take a few minutes to celebrate with us as even reaching this point feels like a monumental accomplishment!!



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