It’s Dossier Time!!

24 Jan

After receiving the best Christmas present ever in mid-December, there is still a little bit of work to be done on our end before anything can actually happen in Zimbabwe.

Any government facilitating adoption requires that the adopting family put together a dossier. What exactly is a dossier, you ask? In terms of adoption, it ¬†is basically a big story book about us!! A big, important story book full of legal documents and doctor’s notes and pictures and contracts…. EEEEK!! Scary, but so exciting. Once we complete our dossier and it is approved (by our agency, the Canadian and Zimbabwean governments) that is it. Everything on our end is finished.

So as I set out to get everything completely as quickly as possible so our dossier can make it to the right people in Harare…. J-Sauce had an accident at work. A really bad accident.

Sleepy, owwie J-Sauce

Sleepy, owwie J-Sauce

He slipped on some icy stairs, dislocating his shoulder, rupturing his bicep and fracturing his humerus and scapula. All very yucky, bad injuries. Needless to say, he will be off work for awhile. At this point we are still unsure as to whether or not he will require surgery to repair some of the damage. The whole incident is 100% not his fault, but still a huge extra obstacle for us to tackle as we race to finish our dossier.

The one positive thing from this accident is that J-Sauce gets to spend more time with us AND he is available to go to all the doctor, notary, lawyer and adoption agency appointments with me! Extra work? A little. But we are getting it done. This feels very similar to the list of things we were working through to finish our homestudy, but much more exciting. We are getting that much closer to making all of this a reality.

At this point, whatever it takes to bring our beautiful little angel into our arms and home sooner, we will DO IT! We are so thrilled to even be able to assemble a dossier that will be on its way to Zimbabwe. God is so amazing and faithful. This is the next step that He has placed in front of us, so it is the step we will willingly and cheerfully take. We would have hope that J-Sauce could have enjoyed this process without the broken shoulder, but God knows what He’s doing.

I'm in love....


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