Annnnd DONE!!

1 Mar

We’ve shared with you about recent exciting phone calls and important meetings and all the hurried craziness surrounding our adoption dossier. But as of today, that craziness is behind us. We are done. We are finished. Everything is completed!

We finished assembling all of the required documents for our dossier a few weeks ago. While we did have a few hiccups and a few things to rearrange, everything has been handed in to our adoption agency. Everything is now out of our hands.

However, in the tradition of exciting news, I did receive another important phone call today. The director of the Africa program at our agency called me with this message….

Your dossier has arrived in Harare and it is in the right hands!

It is now official, everything really is out of our hands and it now rest in the hands of a few very hardworking, passionate and dedicated individuals in Zimbabwe. It was a concern for us that our paperwork would make it to the right people and to insure that it did, our dossier went on a special trip via courier straight to the people who would treat it with the loving care it deserves.

The fate of our child and our growing family is now in the hands of thousands of miles away…. under the loving care and guidance of the Lord. We have known and trusted from the very beginning that God would guide our family to a special child who would truly be ours and we continue to cling to this hope. He knows what He is doing and our hearts find peace in that knowledge.

So please continue to pray with us as now begins the hardest part of all….. The Wait.

We have no idea or timeline to know or estimate how long it will be until we receive a proposal for a child. It could be months, it could be years. That is a terrifying concept, but again, we trust in the Lord’s plan. Each day we will wait on Him and His grace for the endurance to finish out this journey and to bring our precious baby home.

And in the mean time, we have some beautiful little girls who need and deserve our utmost time and devotion and we will continue to treasure each day with them. Being a parent is the greatest job we have ever been fortunate enough to have and we want to be rock stars at it….. Ok, some days we just want to pee in peace. But beyond that, rock stars.

Jeremiah 29:11


One Response to “Annnnd DONE!!”

  1. Kristen April 1, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

    Yay!!! I can’t wait to read more!

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