Jumping off a Cliff

10 May

This has been a crazy week….

Not that all weeks are not crazy. But this has been especially nuts.

I may have been a little high on myself for all that goal setting and achieving greatness I was spouting last week (which I still totally stand by.) However, reality came knocking at my door as I tried to cross some more things off my list. I had every intention of writing an RCM theory exam this Friday. I was going to study and fill my brain with music history wonderfulness and rock that exam like nobody’s business. And then I remembered that I needed to do some actual studying. Well between work and children and cleaning and cooking and THE AMAZING WEATHER…. that studying was not taking place. I did put in a solid 10 hours or so, but this would not be enough to get me the mark I know I could achieve. So the smart thing to do was to postpone writing my exam until I am fully prepared to destroy it with my vast and impressive knowledge of the Romantic period in music. Disappointing to say the least. For someone who loves to check things off, having to wait to do so is extremely frustrating.

But now I understand why I needed to make this decision and free up some mental space in my life.

Enter Adoption Road Block Number One.

We were fully aware that being trailblazers in a country without an international adoption protocol could be challenging and full of speed bumps. But given how smoothly things had been proceeding up until this moment, it did seem like we might be able to just sail right on through to bringing our sweet baby home. Too optimistic for our own good.

Without divulging all of the details, it has come to our attention that extra steps will be required on our part before things can even beginning to get rolling in Zimbabwe. Extra steps that will require extra trips to Zimbabwe. Trips that we had not planned for or anticipated. To make things even more exciting, these extra steps require that both J-Sauce and I make the trip.


Logistical nightmare. Logistical nightmare that turns out to not be such a nightmare? Only The Lord in all His wisdom and infinite provision could make it so.

So we are going to Zimbabwe. Ahhh! Just typing that makes my heart skip a beat. And it makes me a little sad. The purpose of this trip will result in us returning to Canada empty handed, but it necessary to move things along. However, this will be out first opportunity to meet the people whom we rely on to make all of this happen. It will be our first opportunity to see the country of our child’s ancestry and heritage. It will be our first opportunity to fall even deeper in love with Zimbabwe and to truly understand a bigger part of God’s plan for our family. Exciting to say the least.

We have been standing on the edge of this cliff for some time and now it is time to jump….


Because these trips are completely unexpected and will be commencing very quickly, we have not had the opportunity to save for the full amount of our travel. That is a terrifying reality. And while accumulating a massive amount of debt has never EVER been a part of our adoption plan, we are willing to do whatever we have to to make our adoption dream a reality.

Now I hate asking people for anything. I would always much rather be on the giving end of things. However, God is probably trying to teach me a little humility and graciousness throughout this entire process….. So here we go.

We absolutely, 150% without a doubt know that this is God’s plan for our family. A piece of our heart and soul lives in Zimbabwe and we long to have it with us. And we know that God has a master plan for how all of this will play out and we trust in that plan. But at this point in time, we do not have all of the finances we need to complete this entire journey.

If you are at all able, we would truly appreciate your help. First of all with prayer. Please pray endlessly for open doors. Please pray for God’s favour with the people we meet. Please pray for our safety. Secondly in finances. We need some dollars people! Travel costs to Africa are not cheap. Lastly, share our story with everyone you know. You never know who may have deep pockets and a giving heart 😉

At the top of this page, there is a little button that says donate. Feel free to click away!! If you would like to support us with a cheque, please send me an email to cupcakegardenshop@gmail.com. We are still trying to figure out the logistics of which organization will be able to best funnel our funds and I can provide you with more information in response to your email.

We thank you so much in advance for all your love and support and hopefully monies. I will never be able to fully express how grateful and thankful and blessed we feel to have such amazing people in our lives. Without you, there is no way possible that we would feel prepared to pursue the plans that God has for us. You make everything possible!

I believe in Miracles!


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