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Cupcake Tattoos ~ Chapter Three

27 Aug

As I prepare to head in tomorrow for some new ink (nope, still not a cupcake!) I thought it might be time to share some more delicious cupcakey tattoos!


Cupcakey Sleeves

A Full Cupcake Sleeve

Footy Cupcakes

Pretty Cupcake Perfection

Bling Cupcake

Bright colours, jewels and skulls? I’m sold!

Found any cupcake tattoo inspiration you want to share? Let me know! I can’t get enough of these beauties 🙂


Cupcake Tattoos ~ Chapter Two

29 Aug

Given the cupcake love I saw after the first post of tattoo loveliness, I figured it was time to take another look! So here we go…

Simple and colourful…

Colourful and tasty…

And more than one to enjoy!

Delicious. Stay tuned for more cupcake tattoos!

If you have any super delicious cupcake tattoos or tattoo ideas, e-mail them to me to be featured in a future post. cupcakegardenshop@gmail.com

Cupcake Tattoos ~ Chapter One

7 Jul

As many of you know, I have a passionate obsessive love for cupcakes (duh? why else would I have a cupcake blog?….) But what you may not be aware of is my love for beautiful and unique tattoos. So wouldn’t it be delicious to combine the two?!?!?

Here are a few of my favourite web finds….thus far 😉

Purple shoes! Gorgeous script typography! Bows! What’s not to love?

Happy Thursday 🙂

*May or may not spend the rest of the afternoon contemplating my own cupcake tattoo creation…..