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The One You’ve Been Waiting For…

22 Aug

If you’ve been following our adoption journey, whether intimately through weekly phone calls and text message or from afar through this page, this is it. The post you’ve all been waiting for…

Our adoption is official!!!

Everything has gone through!!!

This is a reality!!!

Sparkles! Rainbows! Confetti! Music! Hugs! Laughter!


At least that’s how I should feel, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic. I’m elated. I’m so grateful to God for His faithfulness to ridiculous little me. I’m thankful and my heart is so full… But…

This journey isn’t over yet.

So what comes next? Death by paperwork.

In the coming weeks our contacts in the country will work with authorities to find us a child (eeek!!!!) but from there all of the paperwork needed to send our agency the official match proposal must be in place. Medical records, police reports, any and all documentation that the Canadian government would need for us to be able to accept a proposal. Sigh. Even here in Canada such paperwork could be slow moving. Just typing out these words is slowly killing my joy.

We are done with waiting!!!

But that’s the reality. More waiting.

So here’s what we need from you. Yes, please celebrate with us! We are so thrilled and want to share this excitement with you. Then please join with us in this prayer:

  1. That The Lord would lead our contact to the child that He has for us. We know that there is a perfect fit for our family and we know that she will be lead by His spirit to find this child. We also pray that The Lord would give her strength in these days as this is a delicate process. Please pray that she would meet angels in every government office that she walks into.
  2. That months would turn into weeks and weeks would turn into days for us. Obviously we have no choice but to wait for as long as this process will take….. but I’m so ready to be on a plane already!!!
  3. That we will be able to continue to raise the money needed to go back to Africa. We do not know at this point how long we would need to be there for or how many countries we may need to visit to obtain the necessary passports and visas to bring our baby home. There are a lot of unknowns still, but we would like to be as financially prepared as possible. (Anyone ready to host a Trunk Show?!?! Free jewels! Bring baby home!!)
  4. For emotional and mental strength. I am quickly becoming unbearable to be around because I so badly want to be with this baby. Poor J-Sauce. Please pray for him.

We are so thankful that you continue to support us throughout this process. Thank you for letting us vent and cry on your shoulders and share our joys and our longing. We love each and everyone of you and couldn’t do this without you.

We hope to be able to share much more good news with you in the coming weeks and months.



Boost! The Liebster Award

8 May

I am much less than a casual blogger. I have aspirations of grandeur related to my abilities of consistency when it comes to posting. And while I have much to write about these days, I find myself hesitant. So thank goodness for Scarlett over at Pretty Pinteresting!! She’s given me just the push I need (in more ways than one!) to get writing and blogging.

Scarlett has graciously nominated me for The Liebster Award. The Liebster Award is an accolade passed around by bloggers with less than 500 followers. It’s a way to give bloggers an exposure boost! Liebster is a German term of endearment that translates to  sweetheart, beloved, or darling. My German/Lithuanian heart loves this more than you could know 😉

Liebster Award

To accept the award, a blogger must:

  • Make a post about the award, thanking the blogger that nominated you.
  • State 11 interesting facts about yourself.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger that nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers with 500 or less followers 
  • Write 11 new questions for your nominees.

SO! 11 interesting things about me……. Let’s see.

1. I REALLY love rainbows. I am passing this obsession on to my children, whether they like it or not. 

My OCD Manifestation

2. I am deathly afraid of clowns. Deathly. Number 1 fear. I will touch any creep, crawly creature, but keep the clowns away from me. 

3. Almost all of my best friends name’s start with L. Almost. Seriously Calla and Borowko, get your crap together. 

4. Tulips are my favourite flower. Koukenhof, Holland

5. I will take any excuse possible to spend time in the city.Summertime in Vancouver

6. But I grew up on Country music and revel in long drives on back roads with the wind in my hair. 

7. I have a Degree in English Literature and an extended Minor in Visual Arts. I dream about doing my Masters in either Children’s Literature or Art History. Smarty Pants!

8. To date, I have completed two full, and one half walking marathons. Legitimately crazy.

9. I am desperately passionate about the plight orphans around the world and yet am often crippled by my own passion and desire to make a difference. Where do you even start? Also, does anyone have Bono’s phone number? I am suppose to work with him on this and also to address the issue of the eradication of HIV/AIDS. I have big dreams.

10.  I currently have 5 part time jobs. Mama be hustlin’! 

11. My kids are honestly the coolest, funniest and most loving people I know. I take absolutely no credit for this. 

Double Trouble

And now the lovely Ms. Scarlett’s questions…..

What is your favourite Colour? Yellow!! 

What is the longest line you have ever stood in? The line to get into the General Admission Floor space at the 360 Degree U2 show in Vancouver. Several hours in the rain. Totally worth it! 

Stupidest question that people ask you? But why would you adopt if you know you can have your own kids?

Oreos or Ice cream? Ice cream!! Until my lactose intolerance flares up and I immediately regret that decision.

The best vacation you have ever taken? There have been very few up until now. Soooo….. my honeymoon in Hawaii!! So warm and relaxing.

Hotel or camping? Both! 

Your ideal day is? Spent with my family, involves healthy but delicious food, some exercise both physically and mentally, allows some room for creativity and meaningful conversations that enrich and feed my soul.

If you had your last meal, what would it be? Ah!! So tough….. my recent favourite is the Beet Salad and Pulled Pork Poutine at Bistro 72. This and a very expensive and well aged bottle of red.

Blogging or video blog? Blogging, for sure. I think my personality translates better in written word. At least, that’s what I’m hoping…..

What is the one secret you never wanted to tell anyone? Hmmm, I try very hard not to keep secrets. They lead to nothing good. Wait!! Maybe how much money I’ve spent on tattoos….. J-Sauce can only guess at this point 😉

The best business advice you were ever given? There is a difference between your professional life and your actual life. Be careful with where you place that line. I’m continually striving to become a more professional person in my business life. 

So now I nominate…..

What Would Audrey Wear?         Kids of the King       When I Eat       Lesley Stefanski       Full Time Life      Becoming Daily

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And my Questions to you:

Favourite Movie?

Favourite Band?

Favourite Book?

Wildest Dream?

What’s stopping you from pursuing that Dream?

Winter or Summer?

Cupcakes or Macarons?

Signature Fashion Staple?

Who is your Hero?

What is your greatest Fear?

If you could start and fund a charity tomorrow, what would it be?

Enjoy the Boost my lovely Liebsters! Happy Blogging!

SPECIAL MENTION: Red Dog Blue Kat, who snuck in under the wire.

Day Two

25 May

The jetlag is hitting us hard today but that doesn’t really seem to matter. Today was about everything that has lead us here. Our hearts are so grateful and filled with joy. No meetings in government buildings, but we did have “meetings” that will change our lives forever.

Making New Friends

Making New Friends

Doing what we can to help, even if that means repeatedly removing twigs from little shoes ;)

Doing what we can to help, even if that means repeatedly removing twigs from little shoes 😉

Practicing their English

Practicing their English

Everyone love Bubbles!

Everyone love Bubbles!

J-Sauce getting in on the action.

J-Sauce getting in on the action.

Perfect Form

Perfect Form

Meet beautiful Vanessa.

Meet beautiful Vanessa.

I can't wait to tell you more about these amazing talented young men. They are truly some of the best dancers I have ever seen....

I can’t wait to tell you more about these amazing talented young men. They are truly some of the best dancers I have ever seen….

They may have won my heart over for all time with this number.

They may have won my heart over for all time with this number.

Washing up for dinner!

Washing up for dinner!

Time for Sedza and Sauce.

Time for Sedza and Sauce.

Even some for us. Yum!

Even some for us. Yum!

Enjoying all of God's majesty on the drive home.

Enjoying all of God’s majesty on the drive home.

Today I got to do exactly what I do best: be a Mama. All the children, except for the handsome gentleman in orange, are orphans. With the exception of the orphan care feeding program, many have no one to care for them. Some have an aunt or a grandparent to live with, but no Mama or Daddy.

So we spent the day doing nothing more than loving. We laughed and played and danced (oh my goodness do they dance! We just wiggled a bit…) and loved. What you are witnessing in these photos are years of dreaming becoming a reality. A real life, simply perfect, life changing dream coming true. I wish that I could bottle up the emotions that I feel right now and allow you to fully experience what that feels like. I know that I cannot, but I assure you that is unlike anything else in this world.

God is faithful and His promises are good. This today we absolutely believe and have been blessed enough to experience.

And we still have another week!! Many more people to meet and to love on. And many more meetings to come…..


PS: I promise to tell you more about the Dance Crew and the Orphan Care project…. When I have more usable brain cells and my grammar makes sense 😦














Goals and How to Achieve Them

3 May

So as I may have mentioned before, there are a lot of things that I want to do and experience and accomplish with my time here on Earth. And as many motivational boards on Pinterest will tell us, these will not just magically happen because I want them to; I must go after them, pursuing them with all of my will, determination and effort. And lately, that’s exactly what I have been doing!

As many of you are aware, it took me a really, really, really long time to finish my undergraduate degree. Eight and a half years worth of three course semesters. Apparently, recovering from car accidents and having babies are not conducive to being able to complete a four year degree in four years… But I did it! In December 2012 I handed in my last papers and wrote my final exams. Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with an extended minor in Visual Arts, complete. (Insert jokes regarding the usefulness of such disciplines here. Ouch, that still stings). But I did it. It was not easy and I fought hard to earned that piece of paper which I will receive when I cross the stage in June.

I anticipated the end of my time as a student with visions of free time and reading for fun and spending more time with the girls. And those were wonderful visions that got me through the last stretch. However, I knew that my time outside of higher education would look much different. I began to feel an absurd amount of anxiety regarding what I was actually going to do with my free time. Oh, did you think I was actually going to pursue a career or something after all of that? Ha ha, that’s cute. While I still awake in a cold sweat some nights with the dread of even trying to research Graduate school, that dream is far off on the horizon for me. I needed things to accomplish that were a little less daunting and a lot more financially viable. So I began to make lists of things I would begin to pursue once January rolled around.

1. Return to Piano Lessons

2. Make time to blog more

3. Lose 30 lbs by my 30th birthday

4. Try Hot Yoga

5. Watch less television

6. Read more

7. Walk a marathon

8. Go on more dates (with J-Sauce of course!)

9. Use my Crock Pot more to….

10. Free up extra time for me to spend with the girls.

A crazy list, I know. And that’s not even all of it. But I’ve actually been more successful at attempting these tasks than I ever would have thought myself capable.

I decided to make a concentrated effort to actually make some of these things happen. Because I had been so focused on school for so long, my health and activity level had taken a back seat. I still dance once a week but that is about all the exercise I was doing for a very long time. I was unhappy with my body because I was not making the time to take care of it. My eating habits are not horrible but we all can always do better. More vegetables, less sugar. More water, less wine….. Well sometimes that’s easier said than done. So now that school is out of the way, I really wanted to focus on make myself into a healthier, more active version of an already pretty awesome me.

Found two different Groupons for Hot Yoga. Done! (I kind of love it and hate it all at the same time.)

Started eating better. Dropped 12lbs in the first months!

Joined a walking group at the suggestion of one of the beautiful and accomplished ladies I dance with. Walked a marathon.

Yes. You read that correctly. I walked a marathon. A freaking marathon. All 26.2 miles of it. That is 42 km for those of us following the metric system.

Finished!! 7:29:27

Finished!! 7:29:27

Starting in January I trained with a group of wonderful people with the goal of participating in the Wenatchee Marathon in Washington State. Every week, regardless of weather, we met to walk. (We only got soaked to the bone once, but it was horrible. I do not wish to repeat that experience.) It was wonderful and difficult and challenging and so rewarding each and every week. We walked around some of the most beautiful parts of the Lower Mainland and Greater Vancouver area. We started with 5 km on January 1st and gradually increased our distance each week until we ended with a full marathon on April 20th. The feeling of working so hard towards a goal and then to see it through to completion is unlike anything else. However, there were several factors that help me along the way and ultimately led to my success.

1. Doing the training 

When I first decided to join the group I thought, “Sure, I love to walk. I’ll join a group and walk a marathon. See some nice neighbourhoods. Get a little fresh air. Piece of cake!” Man was I quickly set straight. This was oh so far from a stroll in the park. This was literally training to do a marathon. Towards the end, we were walking our first 10 km in less than 90 minutes. For those mathematicians out there, you know that means a kilometer every 9 minutes. NINE MINUTES!! That is ridiculously fast. Had I not participated in the full training season there is no way I would have completed my first marathon in 7:29:27, way ahead of my goal of 8 hours. I have awesome callouses on my feet and brutal tendinitis in my ankle, but it is all totally worth it. I put the effort in and was amazed by my results.

2. Talking about my Goal 

People thought I was nuts.

“So what did you do this weekend?”

“Watched some hockey, did some laundry, walked 29 km, went to church. You?”

“29 km?!?! Why? Are you crazy?” (Probably, yes).

I’ll admit, knowing that I was out doing something that most people would never attempt inspired me to keep going. But it became more than that. All of my friends and family were excited to here about my training and constantly asked me how it was going. They kept me accountable to my goal. They knew that I was working towards something and they hoped along with me that I would accomplish that goal. Which leads me to the last factor of my success….

3. Having an AMAZING support team 

First, props go out to J-Sauce for all of his encouragement and sacrifice that allowed me to pursue this goal. He was the one who stayed home with the girls while I was out walking every Saturday morning. He was the one rubbing my sore feet and fetching me tea when I was recovering after each walk. He was the one who drove with me to Wenatchee and slept in a separate hotel room and hung out with people he had never met all so I could do the marathon. (The hotel thing is a story for another day. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed having a king size bed to himself though.) I would not have been able to do this without him. Thanks again for all your help! I love you babe.

Second, I had an amazing team of woman who helped me through the process. Given that I was a complete marathon noob, and they are skilled veterans, they were able to motivate me. Beyond pushing me to get to the finish line each week (except for PoCo Trail, I am lame and quit with 7 km to go) they helped me with hydration, nutrition and gear advice. From poles and fuel belts, to GU and Sports Beans, they had me ready come event day. They also shared their stories with me. Hearing about their previous accomplishments enabled me to truly envision myself completing the marathon. If we could do it together, I could actually do this. And they became my friends. Getting to know such lovely and joyful people each week helped me roll out of bed (sometimes at 5 am!!) to get to the start line each week. A special mention goes out to Ms. Calla. She was the one who inspired me to join, encouraged me along the way and has become a dear friend. Without you this would not have happened. Thank you for all your help and I’m so proud of you for completing Marathon #3 and in record time!!

Yeah Us!

And lastly, the encouragement of all my friends and family. Although I didn’t see them until after the event, my phone and facebook were flooded with messages of encouragement and cheer. I was blown away by how many people were so proud of me for seeing this through. That was the icing on the cake (of which I totally earned!)

I was high on endorphins and a sense of accomplishments for days. My body hurt and my feet were a mess, but I was so proud of myself for accomplishing such a huge task.

J-Sauce insisted on taking this photo. I'm sure I'll be glad to have it years from now....

J-Sauce insisted on taking this photo. I’m sure I’ll be glad to have it years from now….

In light of what this blog has been focused on the last few months, completing the marathon has allowed me to view our adoption process in a new light. This has not been easy and much effort has been spent with the goal of bringing our new baby home. But we are not done yet. And mentally that is still tough. I don’t know if we are still only on mile 16 with 10 left to go or if we are nearing the homestretch with the finish line almost in sight. Regardless of this fact, I know that we can see this goal through to completion because of the same three factors that helped me finish my marathon. We have put in the training, we are sharing our story with everyone we meet and we have the worlds best support team. Because of these things, I know that our adoption goal can and will become a reality.

Now I’m hooked on this feeling of accomplishment. I love it!! So now I’m off to complete other goals. I have a piano theory exam next week that I really should study for and I should probably put in a little more practice before I see my teacher tomorrow. My Pinterest is full of delicious Crock Pot recipes and there are two little girls with some library books to read. Possibly research a Masters degree…. My palms sweat just typing that!

What have you accomplished lately? What road blocks are standing in your way, keeping you from achieving your goals? Have you added any new goals to your list recently? I would love to hear about all of it!! I would love to be a part of your support team and help you check stuff off your list.

Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can do it! And you are amazing. You can absolutely do it 😉

Mini Cupcake Maker

3 Jul

As I wind my way along this delicious cupcake journey, I continue to stumble upon products that could only serve to enhance my cupcake experience.

Products such as this!!

This Mini Cupcake Maker by Smart Planet claims to bake up 7 mini cupcakes in just 5 minutes!! More cupcakes faster? Yes please!!

The non-stick coating would also make clean up a breeze. I hate dishes. They are my arch-nemesis. Especially when baking. Anything that saves time cleaning up so I can spend more time decorating and eating fabulous morsels of cupcake goodness gets an A+ in my books.

So I will add this baby to my “Cupcake Making” wish list along with all the other treasures that may one day lead to a Cupcake Nirvana.