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Making Cupcake Mistakes

30 Jun

Every once in a while, I think I know better than all the fabulous cupcake recipes out there and try to be ├╝ber creative. Once or twice (or maybe more than that…..) I’ve attempted to create my own variations of cupcake batters with the hopes of stumbling upon the greatest cupcake creation ever. I assure you, this has yet to happen.

On one mundane afternoon in particular, I stood in my kitchen, looking at an overripe pineapple sitting on the counter. I thought to myself, “Oh poor little pineapple, whatever shall I do with you?” And as I usually do in these situations I decided, “Let’s make some cupcakes!!” The sad little pineapple never stood a chance….

So I searched the interwebs for an inspired yet simple vanilla cupcake recipe. I decided upon this one. It seems straight-forward enough. But being in the creative head space I found myself in that day, I allowed myself to make small little tweaks here and there.

Butter instead of shortening.

Brown sugar, just because.

And, of course, tiny little chopped up gems of pineapple for added flavour and texture.

As I peeked into the oven to watch the cupcakes rise and begin to brown with perfect little cupcake crusts, I marvelled at my savvy baking genius. I imagined just how warm and fluffy and delicious my inventive pineapple cupcakes would be. The timer dinged and now was the moment of truth!

I waited as long as I possibly, physically could to allow the little cake to cool. I couldn’t bear waiting any longer and grabbed one of my precious creations, peeled back the polka-dotted liner and took a big bite. As my lips closed around the ball of warm cupcake in my mouth, anticipating all of the pineappley goodness, I realized what I had done.

The batter was crumbly and gooey (under cooked) all at the same time. There was no pronounced flavour of pineapple…..

I had failed.

Determined to pretend like everything was alright and that I must just be imagining the failure of my cupcakes, I whipped up a quick batch of Apple Honey Butter glaze (again, without a recipe….silly me). The cupcakes accompanied me to a family dinner where they could be eaten by my continual cupcake guinea pigs (thanks Mom and Dad!)

Everyone was polite and assured me that the cupcakes were good. But I knew the truth. They were awful. The uneaten remnants sat on the counter waiting to be sampled by missing family members who were still making their way home.

So what did I learn from this failed endeavour? Recipes are there for a reason. Recipes are our friends. Not that there isn’t room for variation and creativity, but I should have made sure to account for the extra moisture in the pineapple when mixing and baking the batter. Also, as the cupcakes sat for a day or two their texture actually improved. The inside became a little more dense and the tops had a lovely, brown sugar crumble layer to them.

Mistakes happen. Even cupcake mistakes (I know, heaven forbid, right?) But I am still determined to create the most perfect pineapple cupcake. I freaking LOVE pineapple. It will probably result in a few more failures before I get there, but I just need to remember to…..

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